What is a Sutlery?

Sutler, derived from the Dutch word for someone who performs dirty work was the name given to the merchants who arrived on the heels of the British arm and sold what the redcoats wouldn’t – or couldn’t – provide at a frontier outpost. With the permission of Military officials, Sutlers set up shop near a fort’s gates, taking advantage of the isolated location to do a brisk trade with off-duty soldiers and officers or who ever came by. The Sutler could sell just about anything in his tent (store), but was expressly forbidden from selling ardent spirits (strong alcoholic beverages) to enlisted men.

A Sutler was a storekeeper. He would supply the troops, and in the forts, their wives and other women with various items.


Ironmonger refers to a retailer (or wholesaler) of iron goods. This has often been expanded to include consumer such as copper, brass and other metals. In modern usage, it is thus synonymous with a hardware shop. Iron mongers often double as tinkers.

Historical usage – organized the distribution of finished products from smith, nailers, or other metal workers.

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