6″ Cast Iron Cauldron (1 Gallon)

Cauldron with FeetIn the early 1400’s cauldrons were developed. They were the cast iron cookware of that time. Cauldrons were pots that varied in size and use. Some of them would hang in a fireplace. Some of them had three feet and would sit over and open fire. Ours have both features.


Cauldron with Feet


Feature Details
Pig ear handles
 3 legs
 Bail Handle  Steel
 Smallest Interior diameter*  14.6cm (5-3/4″)
     *Note: top tapers from widest to narrowest  16.5cm to 14.6cm (6-1/2″ to 5-3/4″)
 Widest interior diameter  17.7cm (7″)
 Exterior Dimensions (incl. handles)  18cm W x 15.5cm H (7″ W x 6-1/8″ H)
Volume (liquid) 8 cups or 1 gallon
Weight (each) 2.5 kg (5.52 lbs)
Price $190.00

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