6″ Cast Iron Cauldron (1 Gallon)

Cauldron with FeetIn the early 1400’s cauldrons were developed. They were the cast iron cookware of that time. Cauldrons were pots that varied in size and use. Some of them would hang in a fireplace. Some of them had three feet and would sit over and open fire. Ours have both features.


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Oven Roaster with Lid

Roaster with Lid

Our cast iron oven roaster with lid is perfect for the holiday turkey, chicken, or anything else that you need a large pan for.

Don’t feel you need to use it in an oven, it’s just as good – or better in our opinion – on an open fire. There’s nothing like the smell of a roasting turkey in the outdoors!

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Marc Meltonville Ecstatic about our Bread Pan

Marc Meltonville, Project Co-ordinator, Historic Kitchens Team, Historic Royal Palaces, UKFor those of you that are unaware, Marc Meltonville is the Project Co-ordinator for the Historic Kitchens Team of the Royal Historic Palaces, more specifically, the Hampton Court Palace that is famous throughout the world for being those of King Henry VIII.

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