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Items that are intended to roast

12″ Cast Iron Cauldron (8 Gallon)

Large Cauldron
Large Cauldron

Don’t let the inches of this cast iron cauldron fool you. This is one big pot without being unwieldy. Just like it’s smaller brother, it has been custom designed and comes with pig-ear handles, a steel bail and had 3 legs to stand on, making it a sturdy, multi-purpose and versatile pot. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with it, whether cooking up tonight’s dinner or your next witches brew.

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Oven Roaster with Lid

Roaster with Lid

Our cast iron oven roaster with lid is perfect for the holiday turkey, chicken, or anything else that you need a large pan for.

Don’t feel you need to use it in an oven, it’s just as good – or better in our opinion – on an open fire. There’s nothing like the smell of a roasting turkey in the outdoors!

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